Lola crochets a Granny Baby Blanket … could there be a newborn on the way?

Here is the latest installment of Lola, from its creator Todd Clark. Want to crochet the Granny Baby Blanket too? Get the free pattern here and below. *** *** *** Subscribe to The Weekly Stitch Newsletter Get a FREE weekly email featuring patterns, articles and special offers. As a bonus for subscribing, we’d like to […]

Designer Spotlight: Black Baccara Cardigan by Nancy Vandivert

When Nancy Vandivert teaches knitting and crochet classes, she likes to share this mantra with her students, “take a deep breath and remember that you are the goddess of your project.” And she speaks from experience. Nancy has been knitting and designing for years, and she became a TGKA-certified master knitter in 2010. Nancy’s Black […]

Weekly wrap up

#Tweedback Brooklyn Tweed are running a contest to celebrate kids in handknits – tag your photos on instagram with the hashtag #tweedback before August 25th for a chance to win some great prizes. Read the full rules in their post, and check out all the cute, and sometimes very quirky, retro knits by searching the hashtag. 







Spot the knitwear designer!

Design a shawl that Stevie Knicks will love! It’s hard to picture Stevie Nicks on stage without the iconic ponchos and shawls that have become an integral part of her performance and she’s running a contest to celebrate the magic of those garments. Most of the chatter I’ve seen about this on social media led me to believe that the artist was just trying to get fans to make her a shawl so I was thrilled to read in the linked Rolling Stone article that it’s much more about encouraging design and craftsmanship with a generous prize package. Respect. 

Killing marine life with crochet – If you’re going to yarn bomb things to raise awareness of endangered habitats maybe don’t destroy a delicate ecosystem and the creatures that are part of it in the process. And when asked about it, you definitely shouldn’t respond like this: "my intentions were positive and that’s the most important thing about my work". No, no it really isn’t. 

Guess what I’m up to? #olek #timebomb #jasondecairestaylor #underwatermuseum #crocheting while #scubadiving #islamujeres #cancun #mexico #sharkweek #sharklove #extinctionneversleeps

Maple Ice Cream and CONTEST #3!

Happy Friday! I’m enjoying my morning coffee and having fun reading through all of your blog comments yesterday. So many of you are carrying on family legacies in your knitting/quilting/sewing/crocheting. I know future generations will be the lucky recipients of some of your beautiful work. The winner of yesterday’s blog contest is Melanie in Utah who […]