David Babcock, the Knitting Runner, Wants to Make a Trade: Your Alzheimer’s Story for a Scarf

Featured in the New York Times and around the world, David Babcock is the Guinness World Record holder for knitting the longest scarf (12 feet!) while running a marathon, which he did in Kansas City last October. Coupled with a great deal of skill and endurance, David credits his choice in using Lion Brand’s Hometown […]


Fall Into Creature Comforts


Well, the autumnal equinox was last week and I could feel its effects right away. It was like the earth just decided to skip any transitional weather and cut to the chase. But that’s ok with me, because I love fall! I’m ready for snuggling under layers of blankets, resting on a cloud of lovely pillows, and putting down rugs to warm my feet from the hardwood floors in my apartment. Luckily our newest pattern collection, Creature Comforts, is all about warmth and coziness.

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Emily Explains: Knitting Surgery

Sometimes our knitting samples do not come out as we anticipate – something get lost in translation between desiging and knitting and you end up with this… You might not recognize it, but this is what our most recent Knitbits pattern, Malemute, looked like a few weeks before our photo shoot. For a few moments, it felt […]


Valley Yarns Pattern Feature – Banded Yoke Pullover

The Banded Yoke Pullover  is a set-in sleeve, boat-neck sweater that features a band of simple color-work across the front and at the sleeve cuffs. Worked in easy, and fast half-double crochet, this hip length pullover features slit side seams and split cuffs for a preppy but casual look. Crocheted in Valley Yarns Northampton, available in forty […]


Cadeautje with rainbow fibre

Cadeautje from Knitworthy by Ysolda

Cadeautje the latest Knitworthy pattern, I think the pattern description pretty much covers it and I would add these are ridiculously warm and comfy and you should make them for everyone (aka everyone will think you should make them a pair!) Here are mine and no you can’t have them.

Cadeautje rainbows-4.jpg

Cadeautje rainbows-3.jpg

I used Rowan Purelife British Sheep Breeds Chunky and carded fibre that I got at an outdoor museum in Switzerland in 2009, I don’t have any other details on the fibre. It was a little trickier to make even thrums with than combed tops but is possible. I pulled a small amount fibre off the batt and teased it into a longer strip before folding that to create the thrum. The photo below is from my phone when I was making the thrums for the second slipper.


For those of you curious what the inside looks like, also if you follow Ysolda’s Instagram her rainbow wig photo from last week will make sense now!

Have fun with the thrums and enjoy cosy toes all winter! I’m looking forward to wearing mine, but it’s not cold enough yet.